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6 Common Types of Malware

By: Amy Mersch & Ellen Nealis

August 17, 2020

Malware usage continues to rise. Learn more about six common types of malware and how you can protect your network, users, and critical business data.

3 Tools to Keep Your SMB Data Secure During the Holidays

By: Danielle Hoverman

December 17, 2018

While the holiday season is a great time to enjoy office festivities and spend time with family and friends, it’s also a time for phishing scams, hackers stealing information, and the loss of your online privacy. Here are three tools that are critical to ensuring safe and secure online activities.

How to Spot Common Cyber Scams

By: Danielle Hoverman

November 21, 2017

It’s important to understand common cyber scams and how to avoid them including: inbox scams, malicious websites and malvertising, and pop up scams.

10 Ways to Protect Your Computers From Malware

By: Danielle Hoverman

June 13, 2017

Here are 10 ways to protect your computers from malware.

6 Common Types of Cyber Attacks

By: Danielle Hoverman

June 13, 2017

Here at 6 common types of cyber attacks.