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It is becoming increasingly more expensive for businesses to have an on-site technician to troubleshoot and repair immediate issues, assist employees with support questions, and perform routine maintenance on hardware and software.

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Most businesses cannot afford to staff an on-site technician to keep operations running smoothly. Investing in managed IT services will give you the planning, support, service, and reliability you need - all at a predictable price.

Here are "8 Advantages of Managed IT Services from Prosource".

1.  Your Own Virtual CIO

You and your Virtual CIO will develop your technology roadmap, review performance, and align your technology with your budget.

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2.  Resources for Planning, Deployment & Implementation

Our certified engineers will deploy best-in-class equipment and configure your network for optimal performance and reliability.

3.  Worry-free Support

Never worry about your monthly bill. Our fixed per user cost is the same every month, regardless of how much support you require.

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4.  24x7 Monitoring & Alerting

Our monitoring agent identifies network and device availability, alerts and pre-failure indicators, and automatically creates services tickets.

5.  Peace of Mind Security Support

One of the most crucial and most neglected tasks when managing a network is critical security and application updates. Count on us for the latest network and security updates.

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6.  Immediate Technical Support

With Prosource's help desk service you can call and talk to a technician with average wait times of less than 5 minutes. Even better, with our desktop chat application, you can chat with a help desk technician immediately without ever picking up the phone.

7.  A Best-in-Class Disaster Recovery System

Restore your files. Restore your servers. Restore customer confidence. All within minutes from any location.

8.  The Latest Technology

With our optional Hardware Replacement Program we will replace your employee's computers with new equipment once their computer reaches 3-4 years of age.