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Whether you’re a commercial printer, an in-plant printer, or even a firm that’s decided it’s time to move your printing in-house, meeting the demands of your customers and your daily workflow requires reliability and quality—both in your production print equipment and in the expert production team who will get you up and running again in case a machine goes offline or your output just doesn't look right.

Getting the right equipment to perform the work is one part of the equation. What this exact configuration looks like is based on the specific needs of your business, such as types of print jobs, volumes, color needs, and cost. (Not sure what you need? We can help.)

But beyond equipment features and functions is your ability to always operate at the highest levels of productivity and responsiveness to your customers. To accomplish this, it's critical to your high-volume printing operation to have a trusted partner with the expertise to not only service your equipment and prolong its life but also to expand your capabilities and optimize your output to exceed your customers’ expectations.

That's where we come in. 

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The Prosource® Production Print Team

With decades of industry experience, the most up-to-date training, and hundreds of certifications on hardware, software, and color management, our service engineers and specialists are among the industry's best. Both internally within our organization and externally among our customers and the industry at-large, our team members are known for their expertise and dedication to doing whatever is needed to help our customers meet their goals.

First, meet some of the members of our team:

Rich Atkinson, ProsourceRich Atkinson, Senior Connectivity Specialist and IT Trainer

Years in the industry: 23 years | Years with Prosource: 23 years

Certifications:  Almost too many to count! Throughout his 23 years in the print and copy hardware industry, Rich has earned certifications on more than 415 products.

Let’s start with the hardware. Rich is certified by Konica Minolta on all production print controller models sold, which means he can expertly install and service all of the production print equipment we provide to our customers, and he can train our customers and their teams in using the equipment to achieve their desired output and workflows. He is also certified on a variety of applications that can be implemented for our customers' Konica Minolta equipment.

Top of the Class: Gold Seal Certified

Rich is Gold Seal certified by Konica Minolta on the latest generation of controllers—an exclusive certification awarded to only the top 5% of technicians.

EFI Fiery Certified Professional

Rich is also an EFI Fiery Certified Professional. He knows how to optimize the performance of our customers’ EFI technology solutions and help them get the most accurate and repeatable color from their Konica Minolta color press. He’s also a pro at helping customers troubleshoot printing issues and training them on how to use a variety of color management tools.

Authorized Training Partner

As a Konica Minolta Authorized Training Partner, Rich is authorized by the manufacturer to provide in-house factory training to our technicians on Konica Minolta B&W and color print controllers. This allows us to keep our technicians up to date with their training without having to send them out of town for classes—which means they’re never taken out of the field when our customers need them the most.

Bryan Warman, ProsourceBryan Warman, Senior Color Specialist

Years with Prosource: 12 years

Certifications and Experience: Prior to joining the Prosource production print team, Bryan worked in advertising agencies as a graphic designer, illustrator, IT support, and print production specialist, making him our go-to for all things graphic design and Adobe Creative Suite.

EFI Fiery Certified Professional

As a Fiery Certified Professional, Bryan works with our customers to optimize the performance of their EFI Fiery technology to achieve an ideal print output. This certification equips him to provide solutions for problems big or small that our customers encounter with color and workflow efficiency.

Dennis Davis, ProsourceDennis Davis, Senior Field Service Engineer and Technical Trainer

Years in the industry: 32 years | Years with Prosource: 32 years


Authorized Training Partner
Dennis is an Authorized Training Partner through Konica Minolta. As a Konica Minolta authorized trainer, Dennis provides in-house training to our team of technicians, who are then considered factory-trained by Konica.

He is certified to train on every Konica Minolta machine available to Prosource customers, which means that our team of technicians receive ongoing training that is certified by the manufacturer, right in our Cincinnati training classroom.

EFI Fiery Certified Professional
Dennis recently earned his Professional Fiery Certification to further enhance his comprehensive expertise as a senior field service engineer and help our customers achieve an optimal print output.

Jim Mercer, ProsourceJim Mercer, Senior Field Service Engineer

Years in the industry: 28 years

Certifications: Jim is factory-certified on Konica Minolta’s full line of B&W and color production print models. He is also factory certified on all current KIP wide-format products with Silver Seals for Excellence on KIP system software, KIP 7170, and KIP 7770, which means he can ensure our customers are getting the high-speed, high-quality output they need from their wide-format machines.

Outward Color Certification and EFI Fiery Certified Professional

Jim has completed Konica Minolta’s Outward Associate, Professional, and Expert color certification courses, equipping him with advanced skills and expertise to analyze and resolve most symptoms and escalate unresolved issues to ensure timely and expert resolution of any problems.

In addition to being a Konica Minolta Outward Color Certified Expert, Jim is also a Fiery Certified Professional.

Danny Baecker, ProsourceDanny Baecker, Field Service Engineer

Years in the industry: 21 years | Years with Prosource: 17 years

Certifications: Danny is factory-certified on a wide range of color and B&W production print equipment, including Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS, bizhub PRO, and AccurioPress printers, as well as Emperon print systems to improve print performance, which means he can help our customers meet any printing need.

EFI Fiery Certified Professional
To provide an even higher level of service to our production print customers, Danny recently earned his Professional Fiery Certification. 

Jeff Durbin, ProsourceJeff Durbin, Field Service Engineer

Years in the industry: 2 years

Certifications: Jeff is factory certified on a range of color and B&W production print equipment, including Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS, bizhub PRO, AccurioPress, and AccurioPrint printers, as well as Emperon print systems to improve print performance, and KIP wide-format printers.

EFI Fiery Certified Professional

Jeff recently earned his Professional Fiery Certification, growing his skills and equipping him with additional expertise to help our production print customers achieve the best possible print output. 

Dave Marischen, ProsourceDave Marischen, Production Color Specialist

Years in the industry: 23 years | Years with Prosource: 4 years

Certifications: Dave is factory-certified on a range of color and B&W production print equipment, including Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS, bizhub PRO, and AccurioPress printers, all of which provide industry-leading digital print production performance.

EFI Fiery Certified Professional

Along with other members of our production print team, Dave earned his Fiery Professional certification, which equips him to provide even greater service to our production print customers.

In Their Own Words: What Sets Prosource Apart?

We asked our technicians and specialists what makes Prosource uniquely Prosource. 

In their own words, they share how the team’s skills and experience, continued training and development, and dedication to one another and to the community set Prosource apart in the industry:

Rich Atkinson:

“Prosource brings to the customer a large production team consisting of hardware specialists, connectivity specialists, color specialists, and trainers—all dedicated to supporting the production print customer. This means that no matter what issues our customers may come across, we have someone who can expertly address the issue and find a solution.” 

Bryan Warman:

“The impact we have on our customers and the community is what sets Prosource apart. We back up our talk with our service. It’s part of our mission, and we live it every day. The employees have created a culture at Prosource that has worked its way into our approach to helping each other and our customers. That dedication is what makes us Prosource.”

Dennis Davis:

“Because we have the ability to train our technicians in-house, we can respond to training needs quickly. Other dealers must wait until the manufacturer holds a class and has space available in those classes. This can delay having properly trained people to service an account. At Prosource, the technicians that attend my training classes are considered factory-trained by Konica Minolta.”

Jim Mercer:

“Prosource service stands out because of our techs. The majority of them have been with Prosource or in the industry for more than 20 years. Our training is ongoing in the areas of hardware, software, connectivity, and customer experience, which means our techs are second to none.”

Danny Baecker:

“There are a few things that I believe set us apart from other companies. First is the sheer determination by everyone on our team to give our customers the absolute best service experience possible on their machine. Building on that, we do whatever it takes to get our customers up and running as quickly as possible. Finally, we’ve established a support network within our team to solve any and all issues that we may encounter in the course of our work.” 

Jeff Durbin:

“Knowledge and expertise in the production print field set us apart from the rest. As Prosource technicians, we always stay up-to-date with the newest devices and the latest and greatest in training and development to ensure that we provide the best possible service to our customers.”

Dave Marischen:

“Prosource sets itself apart by putting the customers first in everything we do. In the service department, Prosource always ensures that the technicians have the tools we need to do our jobs and serve our customers.”

Industry Recognition for Service Excellence

For 15 consecutive years, Prosource has earned Konica Minolta’s prestigious Pro-Tech Award for our commitment to customer service, satisfaction, and support. As a Pro-Tech service center, every element of our service operation—from technical expertise to inventory control, dispatch systems, management skills, and customer satisfaction ratings—is certified as meeting or exceeding the industry’s rigorous standard for service excellence.

2019 Pro-Tech Service Center

For our customers, the Pro-Tech Award means they can rely on Prosource for customer-focused service, quick response times, reliable preventive maintenance, and comprehensive training & technical expertise

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