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By Danielle Hoverman • April 25, 2018

[Infographic] Enterprise Content Management in the Cloud

ECM in the Cloud Infographic-1

Document management, enterprise content management, digital transformation -- whatever label you use, it’s vitally important to the efficiency of your organization. Combine it with the power of the cloud and you have a solution that has the potential to transform your organization so it works smarter and faster. Enterprise content management (ECM) in the cloud continues to grow, in fact, 99.5% of organizations plan to deploy some form of ECM in the next three years.

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  • 80% of organizations have on-premise ECM
  • 70% of organizations have cloud.

In a survey conducted by Ovum, respondents said that these were the most important reasons to deploy ECM in the cloud:

  • 96% have no large upfront investment
  • 86% have no in-house maintenance 
  • 85% need integration to mobile

The same survey found that respondents saw these three ECM functionalities as being most important reasons to deploy ECM in the cloud:

  • 66% document storage
  • 65% file sharing
  • 59% workflow

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Cloud security is top of mind for business owners and IT professionals. Out of the respondents surveyed, 93% said they are concerned about data being intercepted in transit. These are three key things to
consider when deploying ECM in the cloud:

  • Internal data breaches
  • Vendor service level agreements
  • Content encryption 

Survey conducted by Ovum and can be downloaded by visiting

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