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There are many different options for your business when it comes to a managed print services (MPS) solution. From simple supply replenishment to a full audit of your print environment, IT managers need to carefully evaluate the capabilities and expertise of potential providers to find the best fit for their business. Here are 6 tips for evaluating a MPS program.

  1. Initial Assessment & Audit: You’ll want to evaluate the provider’s capabilities for performing thorough and accurate audits of the existing print infrastructure. Ask for examples of reports the provider creates for customers that uses audit numbers to flag opportunities for consolidating and right-sizing equipment.
  2. Software to Support Your Business: A MPS program should have infrastructure to track the usage of your existing printing fleet. Having the software to track this will accurately determine billing and invoicing and reduce your workload.
  3. Proven Track Record: Evaluate the provider’s support staff, software utilized, processes, and workflows in place that support customers to be sure the provider has the bandwidth to deliver on their solutions.
  4. Proactive Print Management: Having visibility of your print environment 24/7 and actively monitoring your print environment will help decrease downtime due to printing issues. Monitoring software alerts the end user of potential device failures, flagging minor print issues before they turn into major issues. Make sure the program offered gives you the visibility of your print environment that you need.
  5. Automatic Supply Replenishment: Most devices today have the technology to understand usage patterns so they can automatically place orders for toner and ink when levels are low. This means that you don’t have to react when a device tells you that toner is running low. Look for a MPS program that offers automatic supply replenishment to help offload time consuming, but necessary tasks.
  6. Continuous Optimization: Consistent reviews with the provider should be required to analyze how well the provider is executing its plan to cut costs and increase efficiency in the print environment. The provider should also be continuously looking for areas of improvement in your print environment to make sure your business is running as efficiently as possible.


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Choosing to invest in a MPS program will enable your business to save money, reduce paper waste, and increase efficiency through print environment optimization. To learn more about Prosource’s MPS program and get in touch with a MPS expert, please call 888.698.0763 or visit