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Revolutionize your document workflow. Rely on Prosource and OnBase to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your manufacturing organization. 

With the Prosource experts and OnBase solution, you can reduce office clutter and filing cabinet space by digitizing yoru documents and centralizing your important business information in one secure location. 


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No matter your location, you're always connected to the relevant information you need. And, you can access this information anytime. 

Benefits of digitizing and centralizing your business information with Document Automation include:

  • Retrieve, create, and update documents, complete forms, and upload photos offline 
  • Access documents and content easily with mobile applications
  • Get simultaneous access by multiple concurrent users
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Minimize search time and increases collaboration
  • Improve accuracy with instant document updates

Prosource provides more than just industry-leading software, but the analysis, planning, training, and close-collaborative approach that ensure your success and ROI. We begin by learning your business, discovering inefficiencies, making process improvements, and tailoring the solution to fit your unique needs. 

To learn about how the Prosource team and OnBase fit with the unique needs of your manufacturing organization, call 888.698.0763 or fill out a form on our website to get in touch with a Prosource Document Automation expert!