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How to Calculate Print Costs Infographic-1.jpg


Print costs are often the most overlooked expenses in business, especially since these costs are typically allocated in multiple budgets and departments. Not having a clear understanding of your total print spend results in unmanaged print spending which can negatively impact your bottom line.

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  1.  How much are you spending?
    1. Unmanaged print expenses can cost 1%-3% of a company’s total revenue.
  2.  And yet...
    1. Studies show that 90% of companies do not track their total printing costs.
  3.  So, what can you do?
    1. Companies could save 10%-30% on their printing costs if they effectively managed their print environment.
  4. Understand all expenses that affect print costs
    1. For an accurate snapshot of your total print costs, all of the following must be included in your calculation:
      1. Equipment: Cost of acquisition – purchase price, lease, or cost per page agreement
      2. Fix Rates: Employee time spent to fix equipment, order supplies, schedule maintenance, etc.
      3. Supplies: Reoccurring expense that includes: toner, paper, and other print related supplies
      4. Service: Monthly service agreements or one-time maintenance charges
      5. Lifecycle: Device depreciation, plus the availability of new technology
  5. Calculate your cost-per-print
    1. Calculating this will provide a snapshot of how much it costs you to print on each device.
  6. Analyze the results
    1. By collecting all print-related cost data, you’ll have a general understanding of how much your company spends on printing – on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

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Calculating your print costs will help you have a better understanding of how much your print
environment is costing your business. By exposing your printing costs, you can begin working towards a plan to reduce overall printing spend and a healthier bottom line.

Interested in reducing print costs? Let our experts help. Contact us today at 888.698.0763.