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Copiers are a vital asset for business. Like all pieces of technology, regular maintenance is required to keep the machine running smoothly with the least amount of interruptions. By having preventative maintenance measures in place, you can keep your repair costs down and machine downtime to a minimum. Here are several ways to help prevent simple issues that keep your copier from working and to keep your copiers running efficiently.


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1. Store your copier in a cool, dry place

2. Use a surge protector at the power source of the machine

3. Turn off the machine when not in use

4. Replace toner when copies start to look faded or when the machine prompts you

5. Use paper recommended by the manufacturer to keep copier jams to a minimum

6. Load paper properly, making sure that it is not damp, torn, or folded

7. For machines sitting idle, replace the old paper in the tray that has been collecting dust and moisture with new paper

8. Clear paper jams, wipe out internal paper dust, remove paper drawers and check for stuck paper, close doors and drawers, check toner levels, and clean rollers and glass daily

9. Clean entire machine, including exterior, glass, paper trays, and ink cartridge holder every couple of weeks

10. Clean the paper path, rollers, and filters annually 

With regular care and attention, you can keep your copier in good working condition. Always be sure to only use products recommended by the manufacturer to clean, and to check your owner’s manual or talk to your service provider if you have any questions about properly maintaining and cleaning your specific device.

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How to Keep Your Copiers Running Efficiently Infographic