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Many businesses rely on technology and IT systems to fulfill day-to-day operations. Break fix is an IT service model that relies on the customer contacting the IT services company when repairs and upgrades are needed, and IT issues are resolved only when support is needed. The managed IT services model is a strategic approach where a managed service provider (MSP) assumes responsibility for the functionality of the IT service and equipment, monitors and manages the IT infrastructure, and focuses on preventing potential IT issues.

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IT Problem Arises

Break Fix & Managed IT Services
An IT problem occurs such as no Internet connectivity, computer virus, data security breach, etc.

Problem Reported

Break Fix
Since break fix is a reactive approach, you report the issue to your IT service provider.

Managed IT Services
With your IT infrastructure proactively monitored, your IT service provider automatically receives a
notification through monitor software before or the
instant an issue arises.

Support Technician 

Break Fix
IT support technician is dispatched to your location or works remotely to resolve your issue.

Managed IT Services
IT support technician diagnoses the problem without a call or filing a report.

Problem Resolve

Break Fix
The technician diagnoses and resolves the problem.

Managed IT Services
The problem is resolved, whether remotely (when
possible) or on-site (when needed).

Service Payments 

Break Fix
You are billed each time you receive service from a technician. Amount owed varies by cost of repairs, consultation, and hourly labor, making it difficult to budget.

Managed IT Services
You are billed a fixed cost monthly.

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When you’re buried in tasks, deadlines are looming, and you’re managing multiple projects, managed IT services are the extra help you need that will save your day. With managed IT services, you will be free from necessary, but time consuming tasks like monitoring, managing, and updating your IT infrastructure. Taking a more strategic approach to your IT environment will increase productivity and efficiency and keep you focused on your business’s bottom line.

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