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By Danielle Hoverman • February 27, 2017

[VIDEO] 4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Copiers

1. Improved Quality

Upgrades come with new technology designed to better manage your documents and improve print color, text, and image quality. With the new technology, color printers are able to produce the same or higher quality documents and images than local print shops - at a much lower cost.

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2. Lower Costs

Newer copiers operate more efficiently, typically providing you with a lower cost. Upgrading machines gives you the ability to print professional pieces in-house, saving time and money. If you upgrade to a multifunctional device (MFP) you will combine the function of copiers, network printers, scanners, and fax machines all into one device. Eliminating single-function devices saves electricity and supplies, reducing costs.

3. Higher Level of Productivity

Replacing older, inefficient equipment with newer technology gives you increased intuitiveness and functionality which makes the devices easier to use. They can also load and print documents much faster than old office equipment, which reduces unproductive printing times.

4. Enhanced Security

Most upgraded devices come with new security features designed to prevent unauthorized usage. Newer devices may also include security features that encrypt or protect the data stored on your device’s hard drive. 

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