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By Danielle Hoverman • June 19, 2017

Can You Answer These 8 Questions About Cyber Security in Your Business?

Over the last eight years, more than 7.1 billion identities have been exposed in data breaches. From the 1,209 total data breaches in 2016, over 1.1 billion identities were exposed. The WanaCrypt ransomware outbreak on May 12, 2017 generated over 81,000 infections in 12 hours.


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With attackers frequently using simple tools and tactics that make a big impact, it's increasingly important for companies to safeguard their systems and networks from possible cyber attacks.

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Can you answer these 8 questions about cyber security in your business?

  1. What are the top cyber security concerns your business is faced with?
  2. Do you have enough resources allocated to properly address your top cyber security concerns? What specifically have you done?
  3. What firewall are you using and does it incorporate the latest in threat detection and prevention technologies?
  4. What is your business’s disaster recovery plan? When was it last reviewed and updated?
  5. Are you vulnerable to third party applications hosted on your network?
  6. Have you adequately addressed the risk posed by employees, including policies regarding internet and device use?
  7. Is all sensitive data secure and backed up on a routine basis? Where is the backup kept? Is it protected?
  8. What is your plan for identifying and addressing cyber threats? Is it current? What do you need to do to keep IT security moving forward?

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